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As families and carers we learn and discover a lot. You can share this experience on WaihonaPedia.

Building and securing knowledge together with experts. To achieve a better quality of life for your whole family.

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Welcome on our place especially for care-intensive1 people.
WaihonaPedia responds to the needs of rare 'care-intensive people’ and their families, caregivers, teachers, doctors and therapists. These needs are;

  • personalized information based on best available information and experiences of others,
  • connection,
  • asking questions and getting answers
  • plan for the best possible quality of life

We do this by supporting international communities for these people. Explore the communities that already joined below to ho you can see and learn, know and share together with one of our communities. Can't find the community you're looking for? Request this to be supported

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    • care-intensive: a lot of care is needed. A care-intensive child is a child with a physical, mental or behavioural disability (or a combination thereof) that requires extra care.
      care-intensive: a word that we came up with, with which we focus on the experience of the care rather than the diagnostics. With something rare like the people in our communities, it is important that the family will remain upright. And that is what we are committed to help with; with heart and soul.

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All of the information contained within this site is for education purposes only. Please contact your doctor to get specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment. 

Use of this site is strictly at your own risk. 

WaihonaPedia is a platform where parents and experts share experiences and develop knowledge together. So it is not a knowledge base that is finished: WaihonaPedia is work in progress. 

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