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Discover a new way of working that optimizes the sharing of information, organizing peer contact, and preserving acquired knowledge. 



Supporting your community through our platform will save you time, money and efforts. Refocus on what really matters: your members!



Benefit from working together with others. Learn from each other and use each others knowledge to strengthen your own community. 

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Your Story

Tell us your story. Sharing stories helps families feel supported and creates a sense of community. Your story is important for all of us!



Discover a community of like-minded people and find support along your quest. Otherwise, start a community of your own - we'll help you. Either way, you are not alone!



Become an active member of your community. Share, discuss, ask questions and contribute. Everyone knows something, together we know everything!

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There are many people living with rare conditions that impact your well-being. This raises specific questions, such as: "Is treatment/healing possible, what does this mean for care and support or where can I get (financial) help?". This information is often difficult to find or not appropriate to personal circumstances.

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What is WaihonaPedia?

WaihonaPedia is a well-secured online platform that supports patient organizations in managing their community. It is your ultimate solution for individuals with rare diseases and their families. It provides a safe environment for sharing information, organizing peer support, arranging contact with experts, and documenting accumulated knowledge and experience.

Join our international community today and experience the power of connection and knowledge-sharing!


WaihonaPedia offers global online communities where people can connect around issues that impact them while living with a rare condition.


We build up knowledge by gathering, sharing and preserving information and experiences to improve the quality of life of people around a rare condition.


WaihonaPedia is a safe meeting point where you can meet others like you. Learn from and support each other. 

If you are interested in improving the way your patient organization works,

please contact us by e-mail.

find us on linkedIn (stichting WaihonaPedia)

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