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Openness Philosophy

See and learn. Know and share. That's what WaihonaPedia wants to support. We believe in families sharing experiences and information. We believe that many families will benefit if that's the starting point. We believe that sharing information will lead to knowledge development. It also leads to a democratising process: information is gathered by families and immediately available for families. To support this philosophy, we developed the WaihonaPedia website to be as open as possible. Convinced about the philosophy that openness will help the families in seeing, learning, knowing and sharing.

One of the consequenses of sharing experiences with others is that you share personal information on the internet. It's important to consider the risks and benefits of the choice to share data on the internet.

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All of the information on this WebSite is for education purposes only. The place to get specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment is your doctor. Use of this site is strictly at your own risk. If you find something that you think needs correction or clarification, please let us know at: 

Send a email: wiki@waihonapedia.org