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You believe that you need to have the best available information on your Child to be able to inform others about how to treat, care and love your special needs child.

WaihonPedia helps you to collect and share that information.

Would you like to share your experiences so that others can help you and learn from you? And would you like to get the information told at a congress in Italy? Do you have a question that you would like to ask now, when it suits you? If you also want to map the health of your 'rare-treasure' by completing structured questionnaires, you can also do the researcher a great favour.

WaihonaPedia is a lifelong platform for collecting, managing and sharing health data (including self-measurements) in one place, so that you can take more control over the wellbeing and health of your 'rare-treasure' (and your own wellbeing and health). This gives peace-of-mind, confidence and insight.

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